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Packet Information

Message ID:0x33
Direction:Client -> Server (Sent)
Used By:Starcraft Shareware, Starcraft Broodwar, Diablo Shareware, Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Starcraft, Starcraft Japanese, Diablo, Diablo, Warcraft III
Format:(DWORD) Request ID
(DWORD) Unknown
(STRING) Filename
Remarks:This packet seems to request the current filetime for the specified file. Purpose of first 2 DWORDs is unknown, however, both are echoed back to the client by and do not seem to affect the reply. Because of this it is reasonable to assume that first DWORD at least is a request ID of some kind. This is called into question, however, by the fact that the replying packet also contains the requested filename. The game (STAR/SEXP) always sends the same number in DWORD 1 for the file in question. DWORD 2 seems to be null.

Known codes for DWORD 1:
0x01: tos_usa.txt
0x03: bnserver-WAR3.ini
0x1A: tos_USA.txt
0x1B: bnserver.ini
0x1D: icons_STAR.bni
0x80000005: IX86ExtraWork.mpq
0x80000004: bnserver-D2DV.ini
Related:[0x33] SID_GETFILETIME (S->C)

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