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Displaying W3GS Messages Constants for PHP

# PacketID Constants for PHP 
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# W3GS Messages Constants
# -------------------

define('W3GS_PING_FROM_HOST', 0x01);
define('W3GS_SLOTINFOJOIN', 0x04);
define('W3GS_REJECTJOIN', 0x05);
define('W3GS_PLAYERINFO', 0x06);
define('W3GS_PLAYERLEFT', 0x07);
define('W3GS_PLAYERLOADED', 0x08);
define('W3GS_SLOTINFO', 0x09);
define('W3GS_COUNTDOWN_START', 0x0A);
define('W3GS_COUNTDOWN_END', 0x0B);
define('W3GS_INCOMING_ACTION', 0x0C);
define('W3GS_CHAT_FROM_HOST', 0x0F);
define('W3GS_LEAVERS', 0x1B);
define('W3GS_REQJOIN', 0x1E);
define('W3GS_LEAVEREQ', 0x21);
define('W3GS_GAMELOADED_SELF', 0x23);
define('W3GS_OUTGOING_ACTION', 0x26);
define('W3GS_OUTGOING_KEEPALIVE', 0x27);
define('W3GS_CHAT_TO_HOST', 0x28);
define('W3GS_SEARCHGAME', 0x2F);
define('W3GS_GAMEINFO', 0x30);
define('W3GS_CREATEGAME', 0x31);
define('W3GS_REFRESHGAME', 0x32);
define('W3GS_DECREATEGAME', 0x33);
define('W3GS_PING_FROM_OTHERS', 0x35);
define('W3GS_PONG_TO_OTHERS', 0x36);
define('W3GS_CLIENTINFO', 0x37);
define('W3GS_MAPCHECK', 0x3D);
define('W3GS_STARTDOWNLOAD', 0x3F);
define('W3GS_MAPSIZE', 0x42);
define('W3GS_MAPPART', 0x43);
define('W3GS_MAPPARTOK', 0x44);
define('W3GS_MAPPARTNOTOK', 0x45);
define('W3GS_PONG_TO_HOST', 0x46);
define('W3GS_INCOMING_ACTION2', 0x48);

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