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Diablo II Game Server Buffers And Positions

Various Buffers & Pages
Buffer 0x00 - Inventories
Page 0x00 - Inventory
Page 0x01 - NPC Trade & Other player's Trade Window
Page 0x02 - Trade Screen
Page 0x03 - Horadric Cube
Page 0x04 - Stash
Buffer 0x01 - Body
Buffer 0x02 - Belt
Buffer 0x03 - Ground
Buffer 0x04 - Cursor
Buffer 0x05 - World
Buffer 0x06 - Sockets

Body Equipment Positions
0x01 - Helmet
0x02 - Amulet
0x03 - Armor
0x04 - Left Weapon/Shield
0x05 - Right Weapon/Shield
0x06 - Left Ring
0x07 - Right Ring
0x08 - Belt
0x09 - Boots
0x0A - Gloves

Belt Positions
1st Row - 0C 0D 0E 0F (top)
2nd Row - 08 09 0A 0B
3rd Row - 04 05 06 07
4th Row - 00 01 02 03 (bottom)

Entity types
00 - Players
01 - Monsters, NPCs, and Mercenaries
02 - Stash, Waypoint, Chests, Portals, others.
03 - Missiles
04 - Items
05 - Entrances

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