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Packet Information

Message ID:0x07
Direction:Server -> Client (Received)
Used By:Starcraft Shareware, Diablo Shareware, Warcraft II, Starcraft Japanese, Diablo
Format:(DWORD) Result
(STRING) Patch path
Remarks:Reports success/failure on challenge.

0: Failed version check
1: Old game version
2: Success
3: Reinstall required
Related:[0x07] SID_REPORTVERSION (C->S)

User Comments

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Jul 25, 2010
04:13 AM

Just a note, the buffer for 'Patch Path' is not properly cleared and trimmed by the server, resulting in this packet responding with a lot of random extra data. This is just random data and should be ignored. Extracting a NT string from the packet will work fine as it is ALWAYS properly terminated before the extra data.

0000:  FF 07 08 01 02 00 00 00 00 00 45 1A 00 00 00 00   ÿ.....E....
0010: E0 C9 95 15 A0 D7 E0 01 26 BA 54 00 50 83 4D AB àÉ• ×à&ºT.PƒM«
0020: 44 BE 33 03 88 A4 7A 6B 12 35 CE D3 76 BB 90 C1 D¾3ˆ¤zk5ÎÓv»?Á
0030: FC 2D 6C 48 7E F4 A7 1F 25 06 1B A0 E3 B8 3D 6E ü-lH~ô§% ã¸=n
0040: A3 30 9D 3B E6 B3 62 B4 4C E5 E1 C7 B0 0B 0D 23 £0?;æ³b´LåáÇ° .#
0050: 5B 2B D2 02 CD 8E F6 D7 68 2F 51 9E 8B 42 52 3A [+ÒÍŽö×h/Qž‹BR:
0060: B9 FE 19 DA 94 11 92 05 0A 7D 43 D9 6D 72 58 31 ¹þÚ”’.}CÙmrX1
0070: 96 DF 85 79 13 F8 BF 54 0C 2C 57 17 10 18 DD A6 –ß…yø¿T ,Wݦ
0080: 1E D0 00 ED 40 53 F3 EA C0 08 99 71 37 D8 C4 BA Ð.í@SóêÀ™q7Øĺ
0090: 81 E2 34 65 CF 1A 36 6F AC 56 14 75 82 2E 04 B5 ?â4eÏ6o¬Vu‚.µ
00A0: 4F 8D 3F 87 B7 EB 1D AD E9 5E EE 0E D6 86 EF FF O??‡·ë é^îÖ†ïÿ
00B0: E8 63 DB 1C 47 84 C6 F1 4A C5 3E 22 E4 32 2A A9 ècÛG„ÆñJÅ>"ä2*©
00C0: FD 3C 26 98 7C B6 78 5A 6A 8A 66 D5 64 9F 27 CA ý<&˜|¶xZjŠfÕdŸ'Ê
00D0: 46 F2 69 D4 F7 F5 16 FB B1 AA 8C 38 DC 29 89 01 FòiÔ÷õû±ªŒ8Ü)‰
00E0: 39 45 BC AF FA 41 0F 80 28 C3 9C 97 95 60 9B A2 9E¼¯úA€(Ãœ—•`›¢
00F0: 20 24 E0 67 CC B2 61 E7 59 A5 4E 09 BD C2 8F F0 $àg̲açY¥N.½Â?ð
0100: F9 7B 9A 07 74 CB EC 91 ù{štËì‘........

If you'll notice, the packet length is 0x0108, minus the header and result dword = 0x0100, looks logical size of a buffer to me!

Also note, that when you FAIL checkrevison, and there is actually something in this buffer, there is no random data.

0000: FF 07 1E 00 01 00 00 00 57 32 42 4E 5F 49 58 38 ÿ.....W2BN_IX8
0010: 36 5F 32 30 30 5F 32 30 32 2E 6D 70 71 00 6_200_202.mpq.

Jul 30, 2010
03:45 AM

If anyone's curious as to why this happens, it is most likely because the programmer who was responsible for programming the packet forgot to initialize the buffer correctly.

So if they do not use the buffer (i.e. set the buffer to X value), then you'll receive whatever is in that buffer (at that spot in memory); however, had they initialized it properly, you would of received normal data (a null-terminator and nothing after it).

On a side-note, I believe PvPGN does this properly, someone correct me if I'm wrong. In other words, if you connect to an unofficial server, there is a good chance that the programmer who made that server (the most popular server software being PvPGN) initialized their buffer correctly and therefore you will not receive the extra data.

To further add to Hdx's comment: it would be nearly impossible for you to gain anything by reading the extra data; any data you may receive from it is always random (since it's from memory already being used). And is it also impossible to construct anything useful from it because of the data being random. So while it may look interesting or you may recognize some data that appears, there's no point to actually use the extra data you receive.

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