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Packet Information

Message ID:0x09
Direction:Server -> Client (Received)
Used By:Starcraft Shareware, Starcraft Broodwar, Diablo Shareware, Diablo II, Warcraft II, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Starcraft, Starcraft Japanese, Diablo, Diablo, Warcraft III
Format:(DWORD) Number of games
If count is 0:
(DWORD) Status
Otherwise, games are listed thus:
For each list item:
WarCraft III:
(DWORD) Game Type
(DWORD) Language ID
(WORD) Address Family (Always AF_INET)
(WORD) Port
(DWORD) Host's IP
(DWORD) sin_zero (0)
(DWORD) sin_zero (0)
(DWORD) Unknown (Public = 0x10, Private = 0x11)
(DWORD) Elapsed time (in seconds)
(STRING) Game name *
(STRING) Game password (always empty)
(BYTE) Free slots (character representing hexadecimal number)
(BYTE)[8] Host counter (characters representing reversed hexadecimal number, ex: '20000000' for second time this host has hosted during his session)
(STRING) Encoded map information
All Other Clients:
(WORD) Game Type
(WORD) Sub Game Type
(DWORD) Language ID
(WORD) Address Family (Always AF_INET)
(WORD) Port
(DWORD) Host's IP
(DWORD) sin_zero (0)
(DWORD) sin_zero (0)
(DWORD) Game Status
(DWORD) Elapsed time (in seconds)
(STRING) Game name *
(STRING) Game password
(STRING) Game statstring
Remarks:Returns a list of available games and their information. Varies depending on product.

* This field is UTF-8 encoded.

For WarCraft III, map information is encoded using the function found here:
Encoded data:
(DWORD) Map Flags
(BYTE) Map Null 1
(BYTE) Map Width (playable area)
(BYTE) Map Null 2
(BYTE) Map Height (playable area)
(BYTE) Map Null 3
(STRING) Map Path
(STRING) Game Host
(BYTE) Map Unknown (possibly a STRING with just the null terminator)
(BYTE)[20] Unknown (probably a SHA1 hash)
Possible flags (combine the below settings) for Map Flags:
Game Speed (mask 0x00000003, unique)
0x00000000: Slow
0x00000001: Normal
0x00000002: Fast
Visibility setting (mask 0x00000F00, unique)
0x00000100: Hide Terrain
0x00000200: Map Explored
0x00000400: Always Visible
0x00000800: Default
Observers setting (mask 0x40003000, unique)
0x00000000: No Observers
0x00002000: Observers on Defeat
0x00003000: Full Observers
0x40000000: Referees
Other advanced host settings (mask 0x07064000, combinable)
0x00004000: Teams Together (team members are placed at neighbored starting locations)
0x00060000: Lock Teams
0x01000000: Full Shared Unit Control
0x02000000: Random Hero
0x04000000: Random Races
Non-WarCraft III Game Statstring Field:
For other clients, game statring follows the format found here.

WarCraft III Game Type Field (combine the below settings):
Game Type (mask 0x000000FF, unique)
0x00000001: Custom
0x00000009: Ladder
Map Author (mask 0x00006000, combinable)
0x00002000: Blizzard
0x00004000: Custom
Battle/Scenario (mask 0x00018000, unique)
0x00000000: Battle
0x00010000: Scenario
Map Size (mask 0x000E0000, combinable)
0x00020000: Small
0x00040000: Medium
0x00080000: Huge
Observers (mask 0x00700000, unique)
0x00100000: Allowed observers ("Full Observers" and "Referees" options)
0x00200000: Observers on defeat
0x00400000: No observers
Public/Private (mask 0x00000800, unique)
0x00000000: Public game
0x00000800: Private game
Game Type (unique)
0x01: Custom (WAR3/W3XP)
0x02: Melee
0x03: Free For All
0x04: One vs One
0x05: Capture the Flag
0x06: Greed
0x07: Slaughter
0x08: Sudden Death
0x09: Ladder
0x10: Iron man ladder (W2BN)
0x0A: Use Map Settings
0x0B: Team Melee
0x0C: Team FFA
0x0D: Team CTF
0x0F: Top vs. Bottom
For Greed:
0x01: 2500 resources
0x02: 5000 resources
0x03: 7500 resources
0x04: 10000 resources
For Slaughter:
0x01: 15 minutes
0x02: 30 minutes
0x03: 45 minutes
0x04: 60 minutes
For Team Melee, Team Free For All, and Team Capture the Flag:
0x01: 2 teams
0x02: 3 teams
0x03: 4 teams
For Top vs. Bottom:
0x01: 1 v 7
0x02: 2 v 6
0x03: 3 v 5
0x04: 4 v 4
0x05: 5 v 3
0x06: 6 v 2
0x07: 7 v 1
For Ladder:
0x00: Disconnects do not count as loss
0x01: Disconnects count as loss
For Other Game Types:
0x01: No sub-game type
DRTL/DSHR Game Type Field:
Game Type is used to specify a 'level range'. This ensures that clients receive a list of games containing players whose experience is similar to their own.
0x00: Level 1
0x01: Level 2 or 3
0x02: Level 4 or 5
0x03: Level 6 or 7
0x04: Level 8 or 9
0x05: Level 10 - 12
0x06: Level 13 - 16
0x07: Level 17 - 19
0x08: Level 20 - 24
0x09: Level 25 - 29
0x0A: Level 30 - 34
0x0B: Level 35 - 39
0x0C: Level 40 - 47
0x0D: Level 48 - 50

Note that fields from Address Family to sin_zero form a sockaddr_in structure.

Valid status codes:
This field is the 'Game Status' for non-WarCraft III and the 'Status' when no games are listed for both WarCraft III and other clients.
0x00: OK
0x01: Game doesn't exist
0x02: Incorrect password
0x03: Game full
0x04: Game already started
0x05: Spawned CD-Key not allowed
0x06: Too many server requests
Related:[0x09] SID_GETADVLISTEX (C->S), Game Statstrings

User Comments

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12:01 AM

Updated for WarCraft III, thanks to RealityRipple.

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