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Packet Information

Message ID:0x01
Message Name:MCP_STARTUP
Direction:Client -> Server (Sent)
Used By:Diablo II, Diablo
Format:(DWORD) MCP Cookie
(DWORD) MCP Status
(DWORD) [2] MCP Chunk 1
(DWORD) [12] MCP Chunk 2
(STRING) Unique Name
Remarks:This packet authenticates the client with the MCP and allows character querying and logon to proceed.
All 16 DWORDs (Cookie, Status, Chunk 1, and Chunk 2) are received from the server via SID_LOGONREALMEX.

Not much information is known about the DWORD values, other than that they're received from the server. The following information needs work:

MCP Cookie: Client Token
MCP Status: Unknown
MCP Chunk 1 [01]: Server IP (BNCS)
MCP Chunk 1 [02]: UDP Value *
MCP Chunk 2 [01]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [02]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [03]: Something to do with the gateway
MCP Chunk 2 [04]: Product (D2DV/D2XP)
MCP Chunk 2 [05]: Platform (IX86/PMAC/XMAC)
MCP Chunk 2 [06]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [07]: Language ID (1033 [0x409] for enUS)
MCP Chunk 2 [08]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [09]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [10]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [11]: Unknown
MCP Chunk 2 [12]: Unknown

This is purely speculation, but as there are 5 unknown DWORDs at the end of this chunk, it is possible that it is actually a hash of something.

* UDPValue: No one really knows what this is, however, it is used in 2nd DWORD of the UDP packet PKT_CONNTEST2. The client receives it in SID_AUTH_INFO.
Related:[0x01] MCP_STARTUP (S->C), [0x3E] SID_LOGONREALMEX (S->C), [0x50] SID_AUTH_INFO (S->C), [0x09] PKT_CONNTEST2 (C->S)

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