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Packet Information

Message ID:0x3A
Direction:Server -> Client (Received)
Used By:Starcraft Broodwar, Diablo II, Starcraft, Diablo
Format:(DWORD) Status
(STRING) Additional information
0x00: Success.
0x01: Account does not exist.
0x02: Invalid password.
0x06: Account closed.

The string containing the reason is only present when your account is closed. If not, the entire field is omitted including the null-terminator.
Related:[0x3A] SID_LOGONRESPONSE2 (C->S), Account Closure Codes

User Comments

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Dec 05, 2007
12:19 AM

0x06: Account has been closed

It was in use about a year ago although I cannot confirm it today since I don't have access to a banned account. But I'm sure it's still there.



0000: FF 3A 2A 00 06 00 00 00 59 6F 75 72 20 61 63 63 ΓΏ:*....Your acc
0010: 6F 75 6E 74 20 68 61 73 20 62 65 65 6E 20 63 6C ount has been cl
0020: 6F 73 65 64 2E 20 28 38 29 00 osed. (8).......

Dec 05, 2007
09:19 AM

Updated. Thanks for the contribution.

Dec 05, 2007
05:10 PM

0x06 has been account closed forever...

Dec 05, 2007
06:19 PM

I'm not so sure about forever. I've had an account that received this in the past and it expired after the 93 day usual.

Dec 05, 2007
06:56 PM

yea... it's been account closed since they enacted the closed account system....

soo.. i guess not forever but atleast since as long as i can remember getting that message on bnet...

Dec 05, 2007
07:27 PM

Oh...I thought you meant the account itself gets closed forever. Yeah I knew the message code 0x06 was there 'forever' it just wasn't documented here which is why I brought it up. I confused what you were saying ;p

Dec 05, 2007
09:32 PM

:P thx for telling us we forgot it tho

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