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Chat Flags

These flags (user and channel flags) appear in the FLAGS field for relevant S > C [0x0F] SID_CHATEVENT packets.

User Flags:

Since the game retrieves these flags automatically from the corresponding game icon file, they are liable to change.

0x00000001: Blizzard Representative
0x00000002: Channel Operator
0x00000004: Speaker
0x00000008: Administrator
0x00000010: No UDP Support
0x00000020: Squelched
0x00000040: Special Guest
0x00000080: This flag has not been seen, however, it is logical to assume that it was once used since it is in the middle of a sequence.
0x00000100: Beep Enabled (Defunct)
0x00000200: PGL Player (Defunct)
0x00000400: PGL Official (Defunct)
0x00000800: KBK Player (Defunct)
0x00001000: WCG Official
0x00002000: KBK Singles (Defunct)
0x00002000: KBK Player (Defunct)
0x00010000: KBK Beginner (Defunct)
0x00020000: White KBK (1 bar) (Defunct)
0x00100000: GF Official
0x00200000: GF Player
0x02000000: PGL Player

Channel Flags:

0x00001: Public Channel
0x00002: Moderated
0x00004: Restricted
0x00008: Silent
0x00010: System
0x00020: Product-Specific
0x01000: Globally Accessible
0x04000: Redirected
0x08000: Chat
0x10000: Tech Support

User Comments

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