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Packet Information

Message ID:0x2F
Message Name:D2GS_NPCINIT
Direction:Client -> Server (Sent)
Used By:Diablo II, Diablo
Format:(DWORD) Entity Type
(DWORD) Entity ID

Entity types
00 - Players
01 - Monsters, NPCs, and Mercenaries
02 - Stash, Waypoint, Chests, Portals, others.
03 - Missiles
04 - Items
05 - Entrances
Remarks:Initiate an NPC sesstion, sent following:
C->S 0x13
It indicates that you are now interacting with an NPC, and a dialog window is opened.

This is prior to any choices being made to talk or trade etc.

Please note: This message's official name is not known, and has been invented.
Related:[0x32] D2GS_NPCBUY (C->S), [0x30] D2GS_NPCCANCEL (C->S), [0x33] D2GS_NPCSELL (C->S), [0x38] D2GS_NPCTRADE (C->S)

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