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Packet Information

Message ID:0x1D
Direction:Server -> Client (Received)
Used By:Diablo II, Diablo
Format:(BYTE) Attribute
(BYTE) Amount
Remarks:Sets the current (base) amount of the specified attribute.

Note: Since these are only base amounts, items that give increase/decrease the attribute should be added/subtracted to/from the base value sent in the message.

Possible Attributes:

0x00 - Strength
0x01 - Energy
0x02 - Dexterity
0x03 - Vitality
0x04 - Stat remaining
0x05 - Skill remaining
0x0C - Level
0x0D - Experience
0x0E - Gold on Person
0x0F - Gold in Stash
0x10 - Defense
0x11 - Max Attack Damage
0x12 - Min Attack Damage
0x13 - Attack Rating
0x15 - Min Attack Damage
0x16 - Max Attack Damage
0x19 - Damage
0x1f - Defense
0x27 - Fire Resistance
0x28 - +Max Fire Resistance
0x29 - Cold Resistance
0x2A - +Max Cold Resistance
0x2B - Lightning Resistance
0x2C - +Max Lightning Resistance
0x2D - Poison Resistance
0x2E - +Max poison Resistance
0x31 - Add Fire Damage
0x33 - Add Lightning damage
0x35 - Add Damage for Weapon/Items probably (one of these may be cold damage)
0x37 - Add Damage for Weapon/Items probably (one of these may be cold damage)
0x3A - Add Poison Damage
0x4C - Add Max Health for Weapon/Items probably
0x4D - Add Max Mana for Weapons/Items probably
0xA2 - Add Max Stamina for Weapons/Items probably
0xA3 - Add Max Stamina for Weapons/Items probably
0xAB - Add to Defense

Please note: This message's official name is not known, and has been invented.

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